Friday, February 23, 2007

"The longest march begins with a small step" said Lao Tse, a venerable Chines philosopher.

My mantra, in the last eight months, has become 'small steps, persistently taken.'

Naturally, then, I begin my journey in the land of blogging by undertaking a small step.

In case you miss the tremor in my fingers, I have no idea what blogging entails, and how to overcome any technical and technological obstacles that will show up.

But isn't that true about anything we ever try for the first time?


Being a Beginner is never easy.

But I learned, from William Faulkner (you will hear me say that often) that if you want to grow and develop, professionally and in all other ways, you'd better make peace with the 'hateful' position of being a Beginner, again. and again. And again. As often as necessary.

Where you do not know what the ----- you're doing.

I therefore invite you to come along on my journey, with any HIGHs and any LOWs that may occur along the way.


True to my contrarian methodologies, I will not make this a grand, HEROIC journey.

Our western culture is built oon the heroic myths we inherited from the Greeks, and other ancient forebears.

However, much of the heroic journey involves being battered, being hammered, and winning victory, when the hero succeeds, at a great expense. Expense for both Self and Others.

In our own times, think of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, JFK, Anwar Sadat and others.

Years ago, I have learned from my greates teacher, the American 20th Century fiction innovator and Nobel Prize winner, William Faulkner, to distrust the heroic bent of Tragedy.

I have learned from him, as well, to really relish the laughter-filled pleasure of the comic anti hero(ine)., and the non-heroic comic stories that end with reconciliation and delight, not with pain and alienation.


So, following Stephen Covey's command 'begin as you intend to go on,' I place myself firmly in the land of the comedy and laughter.
Here victories are collaborative.
Here triumphs lead to the regeneration of community, not its destruction (see Shakespeare's Midsummer's Night Dream).
Here you may find the Treasure of Success in partnership building.

Be warned - I have been collecting P words. For now, you need both Partnership and Play to get Profit.

If my central contention - SUCCESS CAN BE FUN - is of interest to you, keep coming back.

In a truly interdisciplinarian manner, I will range across all imaginable fields, from management theory to the new psychological theories of Happiness. I will draw on all of the disparate fields of knowledge I have sampled during a life rich in both tears and laughter.


I will draw on both Western and Far Eastern ideas, philosophies, and tricks.
I will often suggest practical tips that seem totally irrational, too.

But always, the visionary aspect will be coupled with a very practical concern for the bottom line.

A pragmataic interest in discovering and distilling what encourages or fosters the accomplishment of simple or complex tasks around 'getting things done.'

You see, what people rarely notice is that the HERO(ine) always have their heads up in the clouds.
It is the comic anti-heroes who keep their feet on the ground, and never for a second lose sight of the 'nitti gritt' mundane and pragmatiac details and questions.


I think this post has gone on long enough for a first 'small step.'

Let me know what your thoughts are on the post or its topic.

And if you cannot yet find a way to post her, please bear with me. And try again in a few days.
It is simply because I have not yet mastered the intricate details of designing this blog.

Have a playful weekend!

Dr. Dinnah

All Rights Reserved C2007

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