On Julie and Julia,, The Movie, II

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hello again, everyone.

I am back, with the second installment of my call to you all:

Go to see the movie, Julie and Julia !

Two days ago, I posted a Summary of Talking Points,
because just my initial writing out of the Talking Points
spanned several pages.

Now here is only a part of the full outline of the Talking Points.

I simply do not want to swamp you with the full outpouring of words that this outline has turned into :-)

TALKING POINTS (Partial Outline)

*The movie is a Hoot – it got me to belly laugh, loudly!
Not once, but a number of times
(probably every ten minutes).
Which is great achievements!
Normally, you can barely get me
to smile at a very funny moment or line in a movie.

*The movie is about JOY -
no , no,
the movie is the Experience Of Joy.

Many kinds of joy, too.
The joy of cooking, most specifically.

But also the joy of eating.
The joy of hosting eating parties.

The joy of triumphing over nasty,
competitive fellow cooking
school students.
The joy of facing hurdles of all kinds,
and coming up roses –
no matter how long it takes to do it.

Let me stop now...

*The movie celebrates The importance of
Perseverance and Patience
in the struggle for success.

Many people see success as resulting from talent.

Or from Luck.
Or from Selling Oneself/Marketing Oneself

Few people appreciate – as this movie does –
the Pivotal Power of Patience +
Perseverence in overcoming
obstacles, large as they may be,
and winning the final prize: success.

Julia Child, an
Unknown Expat in Europe, spent eight(8)
long years trying to write AND get published a book –
of French Cooking recipes aimed at Americans readers.

She did so at a time when this was a novelty,
with no perceptible readership or market for it.

Julia persisted, and persevered patiently.
Julia also kept her joy + her funny responses alive
through it all.

Julie Powell,
seemingly very different kettle of fish - but not really.

An unknown with an unpublished novel,
working as a lowly secretary,
who decided to spend a year writing a blog –

A blog whose secondary title reveals her own comic gift :
“Nobody here but us servantless American cooks...”
[See http://blogs.salon.com/0001399/]

Julie Powell, a 'nobody' according to the movie
reviewers, who started a blog about spending
365 days
learning to cook - from scratch -
all of 524 French Cooking recipes
in Julia Child’s book.

Julie, accused by one reviewer of finding 'a Gimmick.'

Who in fact took on a huge challenge: to cook her
way through Julia Child’s book,
learning to cook along the way.

Julie who wrote daily about all of it –
the trials and errors,
the failures and the glitches,
and the successes, too..
Julie, who like Julia did it –
risked investing time and effort
and money and heart -
when there was no visible market or prospect
for an audience at the time.

Both of them DID IT – they got to the finish line.

They managed to do it with patience
and perseverance –
and a large dollop of humor,

AND the whole-hearted support of
their loving husbands -
they made it to the end goal.

As Faulkner my GREAT teacher would say, sonorously:
they Prevailed.

With an Exclamation Mark:
They Prevailed!

Not a small feat, in either case.

So, my readers, for those of you who have come to
this second installment,
and its Partial Talking Points outline:

RUN to see the movie.

And then see where the inspiration(s) take you.

If you need to see how they may show up,
read or reread the first installment, below this one.

Have a great belly laugh, everyone!


Copyright C 2009 Dinnah G. Pladott, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved


Diane said...

I also saw the movie and felt there were a lot of moments where one wanted to give up but through perseverance and patience made it through. The job that Julie has is basically disaster relief for the WTC survivors. This showed that even at the darkest time with perseverance and patience...one can see the light...not to get so preachy but that theme resounds throughout the movie. Again only my opinion.

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